Tuesday, July 16, 2019

2019 World View Films: Rain Stops Play

Rain Stops Play by Mika Simmons
London (Milwaukee Premiere)

Running Time: 9 minutes
Screening Time: Sat, Sept 7th 9pm

Rain Stops Play is a modern day comedy of errors which addresses the key issues of mistaken identity, modern technology and female ageism. Although we see the world from a male perspective through our protagonist Adam, it is a story for a female audience with searingly current themes.




Director's Bio:

Mika Simmons is a British born actress, writer and director from London with a diverse range of work on stage and screen including television drama's ITV's Frenchman's Creek and Unforgotten, the BAFTA award winning Falling Apart and the ongoing role of Queen Anora in the animation game Dragon Age. In 2016 Mika played Kate in Film London’s Balcony which went on to win the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. In 2019 she will be seen in Dictynna Hood’s Us Among The Stones. Rain Stops Play, Mika’s directorial debut premiered at Fragments Festival in London, and was awarded the Silver Remi for best comedy at Houston Film Festival in June 2019.

Director's Statement:

In Rain Stops Play I have used comedy to expose Man’s fallibility in the face of female beauty. It is a reflection of romantic conflicts and sex in Western society today, so in that way a film with a very big theme, here told through a very small intimate story. The experience I'm most trying to communicate with Rain Stops Play is that of a feeling of breaking something open. While this film has a serious undertone it also exposes how deeply funny life can be in its most humiliating moments.

It is definitely a film for a female audience, but hopefully it is an invitation for us all to think, and perhaps laugh at our own humanity and compulsive behaviors. I feel very strongly that, in the current climate of divisiveness, we can also maintain a lightheartedness and sense of humour about sex and the sexes.

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