Monday, July 15, 2019

2019 Voices Heard Films: Red Thread

Red Thread by Yijun Pan & Anh Vo
New Berlin, WI (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time: 3 minutes
Screening Time: Friday, Sept 6th 9pm
LGBT, Experimental 

A red thread connects your destiny, but perhaps not the only one you find.



Director's Bio:

Yijun Pan

I believe in the power of storytelling with a camera. Before I came to the United States, I was a full-time fashion photographer, but I want more, which make me made my decision to come study in Depaul as a cinematography concentration student, becoming a better me to tell a better story.

Anh Vo 

I'm a Vietnamese filmmaker with experience across various platforms, including Commercials, Documentary, Shorts, Music Videos, and Narrative Films. My passion for filmmaking and storytelling started when my father brought home Stuart Little (1998) from Moscow, Russia which inspired me to pick up the little camcorders and record funny home videos. After eight years in the US, I studied film production in narrative and advertising; then later pursued cinematography passion as a career.

I have developed, executed and delivered creative projects for international clients including Vietnam, France, and the US. Throughout my time in the US, I served as Cinematographer and Camera Operator on Emmy Awards nominated television shows on Fox Sports TV like Discover Wisconsin, Boon-dock Nations, and Into the Outdoors. I have worked for clients like KOHL's Corp, Travel Wisconsin, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, and Jolly Good Soda.

Continuing to pursue projects that challenge my creative artistry and push the visual bounds of filmmaking, I strive to bring the energetic and original spirit to every image.

Director's Statement:

Yijun Pan

I am a surrealist in storytelling. I believe what we perceive is beyond what we actually see. With mental and physical inspiration, I want to create stronger images to convey what in my mind.

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