Monday, September 11, 2017

2017 Award Winning Films

We want to thank those filmmakers who sent us their films this year, it was another record breaking season. We normally get around 500 films, but this year we greatly surpassed that with 803 films. More filmmakers are seeking us out, and more local filmmakers are returning to us to enter their work.

We also want to thank our judges, Susan Kerns, Carey Borth, Audrey Nowakowski, Jamal Currie, Van Campbell II and Nelson Oliveras. It wasn't an easy job scoring so many wonderful films.

It was also an amazing year at our new home Foxbay Cinema Grill, they made us feel welcome there and we again had shows filled to capacity, or sold out. It was great to see all these films screened on a big screen.  

See you next year!