Thursday, July 25, 2019

2019 Festival Judge: Temeceka Shantanette Harris

Temeceka Shantanette Harris was born January 16, 1975 to Linda Harris and Eddie Moore in Mound Bayou Mississippi. At a very young age she moved to Kenosha Wisconsin with her mother. Later in life she became a single mother to five beautiful children. At round the age of 20 she pursued her passion in acting. She has been in several plays, films, commercials, and TV shows. She had recently made her acting debut on NBC's Chicago PD and Showtime's  The CHI. She is currently working on two projects.. She hasn’t let anything or anyone stop her in pursuing her career in acting. She is grinding now more than ever. She wants to thank God for her God given gift!With him none of this would be possible.She would also like to thank her children and her family for their support and patience. When she is not in front of the camera,she enjoys spending time with her grand baby, going to church, writing and directing plays,and simply enjoying life

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