Friday, July 26, 2019

2019 Festival Judge: Tracey Thomas

Tracey Thomas is a filmmaker/director based in Milwaukee, WI. She has recently completed her first film, My First and Last Film. She began this project with her boyfriend 6 yrs. ago, when she turned 60. His illness and subsequent death put the film on hold for awhile. In the last 2 years she garnered her strength and courage, and with the help of a brand new crew, finished the she promised him she would. It is a documentary about reaching the milestone age of 60. She interviewed over a dozen women and men, gathering insight on what it feels like to be 60, reflecting on the past, making the film without her boyfriend, and contemplating what's next. Tracey has lived in Wisconsin her entire life. Volunteering is in her blood, having supported many local organizations and charities, including The WI Humane Society, Pets Helping People, Milwaukee Film, 91.7/WMSE, The Salvation Army and Medusa Monologues. She supports the local film, music and art scene, loves yoga retreats, and gives when she can to friends' film and artistic projects. 

Her circle of strong female friends has been key in her personal growth as she 'traverses the trials and tribulations of life. As her film hints at, what IS next for Tracey? Stay tuned....

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