Friday, July 19, 2019

2019 Wisconsin's Own Films: Aquarium

Aquarium by Hannah Hamalian
Milwaukee (Milwaukee Premiere)

Running Time: 5 minutes
Screening Time: Sat, Sept 7th 6:45pm
Animation, Experimental

Aquarium is an experimental stop-motion animation in response to the filmmaker's introduction to the Alexander Technique. The composition of the human body is interpreted through fractal geometric shapes whose connections are tested by mapping onto a thoughtless action: sitting in a chair. The red world suggests locating oneself in a darkroom, and pairs with a fragmented soundtrack to speculate about the possibilities of visual and physical embodiment. Limbs and pieces assemble and disassemble within a red pool, seeking unity between mind and body.



Director's Bio:

Hannah R.W. Hamalian is a filmmaker engaged in demonstrating complexity in order to point to the richness of life. Through animation, live action, and appropriated video, she asks questions of herself and her viewers in order to untangle the forces that shape people into who they are. Interpreting being as a daily process of renewal rather than a static mode, her work often centers the body as a site of transformation. She is drawn to motion and immersive soundscapes as tools to create experiences of expanded possibility. She is currently based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she is an instructor in the Film Department at UW-Milwaukee.

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