Thursday, July 19, 2018

Advanced Tickets for 20th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival

Purchase Tickets:
To buy advance tickets we set up these Paypal options. We use paypal to avoid adding extra surcharges and fees that Event Brite charges. This keeps our tickets at $10

First: Use Firefox rather than Windows Internet Explorer. We find that Windows gets twitchy when using Paypal.

Second: Tickets will be tracked and held at the door. 

We will not mail tickets
It is will call.

When going to your preferred show specify at the door the name in which the tickets were purchased under, the show (Fri 6:45pm, Sat 4:30pm , etc), the number of tickets bought and please bring your confirmation email as well.

Third: Be sure that you pick the right block of films. Tickets will be sold singly, pairs, sets of three, four and five. If you need more than five you will have to go back in and purchase more. We are sorry if you have to do that, but we find people don't usually bring more than 4 or 5 friends. There will be tickets sold at the door as well.

Fourth: There is no credit card purchases on site, cash only sales. ATM's are within walking distance to the venue.

Finally: Fox Bay Cinema has plenty of available parking near them and behind them. They also have food and drinks. Also, we suggest that our film selection is suitable for those 16 and up. Please keep that in mind.

 Sorry no refunds.

For the 9pm shows, please show up on time. 

The Kitchen closes 30 minutes after that show begins.

Fri. Session 1: (6:45pm) OPENING NIGHT EVENT!! Juried Part 1

Super Dad! Directed by Maria Pretzl, Hoan Alone Directed by Aaron Johnson, The Neighbor Directed by Evan Atwood, Pearls Directed by Shelley Thompson, Marie Directed by Katie Theel, Get in the Truck Directed by Neil Brookhsire, Cross My Heart Directed by Alex LangoschGoldblooded Directed by Tom Botchii Skowronksi, Maggot Brain Directed by James J RoufusAnniversary Film: The Phantom Limb Directed by Mark G.E. and our Pace-setter awarded to Eric Levin

Online sales ended for this showtime. We reached our limit. There will be a few seats available at the door. Cash sales only.  


Lost (Found) Directed by Jonah Castañeda Barry, Flammable Directed by Rubin Whitmore II, An Inconvenient Finis Directed by J. Anthony Ramos, Children's Stories #1 Directed by Michelle Trujillo,Crash Directed by Yinan Wang,Inner Directed by Ricardo Tenorio, Trapped Directed by Michael Villalobos, The Deer Queen Directed by Brooke Thiele, Last Resort Directed by Klifford Barkus
Anniversary Film:ThreeSixFive Directed by Ken Lawrence, Anniversary Film: Hero in Limbo Directed by Van Campbell III

DOOR SALES ONLY BEGINNING AT 6PM. Door sales will stop for this show at 9:15pm. The Kitchen will close at 9:30. Cash only.

Sat. Session 3: (4:30pm) Tickets sales on Sept 9th begin at 3:30pm

Mondo Lucha! Aria Directed by Daniel Andera, Nicolas Cage Mother Mary Directed by Jozef K. Richards , When I Was Four Directed by Hugo Ljungbäck, Silhouette of a Storm-Bent Tree Directed by Nick Zoulek, Lawman Directed by Matthew Gentile, Step One Directed by Sean Patrick Leonard, Upstairs Directed by Julia Smith, The Pleasures of the Glove Directed by Duane Michals, Anniversary Film: 3 daYs Directed by Chris Marks and Gilly Petrovic, Anniversary Film: From the Darkness Theatre Directed by Michael Viers

DOOR SALES ONLY BEGINNING AT 6PM on Sept 8th. Door Sales will stop for this show at 4:45pm. Cash only.


Sat Session 4: (6:45pm) Juried Part 2

Singer Directed by Paloma Lopez, Emptying, To Make Room For Overflowing Directed by Hannah Hamalian, Artemis & the Astronaut Directed by A. L. Lee, Operation Wolf Patrol: Poacher's Kingdom Directed by Joseph V. Brown, Girl Eating Banana: Audition Directed by Natasha Babenko, Garbage Money Directed by Rusty Cwiklis, Trick Of The Light Directed by Kyra Boprie, Stakeout Stories Directed by T.C. De Witt, Ready to Go Directed by Lynda Reiss, Anniversary Film: Aldara Directed by Eric Gerber

DOOR SALES ONLY BEGINNING AT 6PM on Sept 8th. Door Sales will stop for this show at 7pm. Cash only

Sat Session 5: (9pm) Juried Films Part 3.

Love Hotel Directed by Matty Crawford, #9 Directed by Jack Wilkins & Kimon BolarisA Thousand Words Never Said Directed by Megan Massey & Caroline FuEvery Ghost Has An Orchestra Directed by Shayna ConnellyOuroboros Directed by Emma KeehanThe Noize Directed by T.C. De WittLady M Directed by Tammy Riley SmithThe Deer Queen Directed by Brooke ThieleControl by Alison Becker and Kimmy GatewoodAnniversary Film: Missed Connections Directed by Susan Kerns & Kara Mulrooney

DOOR SALES ONLY BEGINNING AT 6PM on Sept 8th. Door sales will stop for this show at 9:15pm. The Kitchen will close at 9:30. Cash only. 

Remember tickets will not be mailed, bring your email notification, and enjoy the show!


  1. You say "door sales only" and yet you still have the Paypal thing up. Kind of confusing. Otherwise, nice ite, easy to use.

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