Tuesday, July 10, 2018

2018 Voices Heard: Lost (Found)

Lost (Found) by Jonah Castañeda Barry
Wisconsin (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time: 7 minutes
Screening Time: Friday September 7th 9pm

Inspired by experimental musical films like Maya Deren's "The Very Eye of Night" & Kenneth Anger's "Scorpio Rising" and arthouse movements like the French New Wave, German expressionism & Thai transcendentalism (among others), "Lost (Found)" is a music video short film about the perils and exploits of experiential & artistic self-discovery.

Director's Bio:

Jonah is a Wisconsin-raised former LA transplant with a passion for direction, sound design, cinematography and editing. His other philias include film, music, photography, the fine arts and fashion. In his free time, he enjoys running competitively, writing hip hop & spoken word and meeting people who are similarly passionate about expressing themselves through creative means. He is currently located in both Madison, WI and Minneapolis, MN, where rent is one-third of the cost that it was in North Hollywood.

Director's Statement:

Expression is key, and I am constantly learning how to articulate my sentiments & intuitions through the audiovisual form.

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