Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Films: The Map of Maps

The Map of Maps by Sangsun Choi
Milwaukee (MKE Premiere)
Running Time: 13 minutes
Screening Time: Friday, Sept 11th 6:30


There was an astonishing discovery in Milwaukee several years ago. An incredibly rare version of Korean map called Daedong Yeojido was discovered in the library at UWM. The map is a national treasure in Korea and nobody knows why this map has been placed at UWM before the moment that American Geographical Society Library makes public. 

There is a Korean language school near Greenfield in Milwaukee. Korean Baptist Church of Milwaukee has managed this program for the Korean children who are born in United States. Some of children have never been to South Korea and haven't seen Korean traditional map either. Even parents and grand parents have just heard the fame of the Korean map in Milwaukee. It will be totally new experience for them who keep a Korean identity to meet the map in person. This documentary will shed light on their joys and sorrows as migrants as well as genuine thought regarding their ethnicity.

2015 Films: Charlotte

Charlotte by Angel Kristi Williams 
Los Angeles (MKE Premiere)
Running Time: 11 minutes
Screening Time: TBA


Alex, excited to have befriended the popular girl at school, will do anything to stay in her good graces. When her new friend wants to play house, Alex innocently plays along and develops feelings she doesn't understand.




Director Bio:

Originally from Baltimore Maryland, Angel received her BA in Visual Art (Photography & Film) from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. After graduation she worked in television for Discovery Communications before being awarded the Lumiere Scholarship to attend Columbia College Chicago as an MFA candidate in Cinema Directing. Her short film The Christmas Tree has screened at numerous festivals both domestically and internationally and garnered the attention of Participant Media, a production company committed to social responsibility through film. Her most recent project Charlotte, won the Jury Award for Best Short Film - Pink Peach category at its Atlanta Film Festival premiere. Williams is a former Film Independent Project Involve Directing Fellow, winner of the Sony Pictures Diversity Fellowship and recently named one of ten Black directors to watch by Paste Magazine.

Atlanta Film Festival Atlanta, GA
March 28, 2015
North American Premiere
Jury Prize, Best Short Film (Pink Peach)

Sarasota Film Festival Sarasota, Florida
April 11, 2015
Florida Premiere
Short Narrative Competition Jury Prize

Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 Films: Rocket Science

Rocket Science by Dirk van Sloten
Milwaukee (MKE Premiere)
Running Time: 5 minutes
Screening Time: Friday, Sept 11th. 6:30pm

Comedy/ Sci Fi

The last evacuation ships are about to launch and leave a dying earth for good. But our hero, Marcus Staley, is delayed, and thus he needs to find a way to hold the launch.



Rocket Science is a Science Fiction Comedy short written by Erik Kjonaas. The last evacuation ships are about to launch and leave a dying earth for good. But our hero, Marcus Staley, is delayed, and thus he needs to find a way to hold the launch. Produced, edited, and directed by Dirk van Sloten, Rocket Science played at the Cannes Short Corner Film Festival in May of 2015.

Director Statement:
Rocket Science is a comedy that functions as a light social commentary of the inhumane way we’re forced to communicate with rather unintelligent artificial intelligence. Despite the fact it’s done as a science fiction piece, it was designed so that everyone who’s ever gotten angry at an automated telephone system to obtain technical support can identify with it.

2015 Films: The Comedian

The Comedian by Clay Weiner
Los Angeles (MKE Premiere)
Running Time: 7 minutes
Screening Time: TBA

Comedy/ Drama

A dramatically absurd stand-up comedy performance that destroys convention through overindulgence. Starring Johnny Pemberton.

Johnny Pemberton is a comedian and actor who lives in Los Angeles.

In 2013 he performed at the "Just For Laughs" festival in Montreal and Chicago. He also performed at SXSW in Austin Texas, the Sled Island Festival in Calgary Alberta, and a 14 show tour with Matt Braunger sponsored by Funny or Die and Old Milwaukee.

During some of the aformentioned events he could be seen and/or heard on the following TV programs: Adventure Time as "Braco", Family Tools on ABC as "Mason", Bob's Burgers on FOX as "Dr. Eigerman", Perception on TBS, The New Girl on FOX. He also filmed a not insignificant amount for season 2 of "Kroll Show" on Comedy Central.

In 2012 Johnny could be seen in the following films, available on DVD and Blu-Ray: "21 Jump Street", "The Watch", "This is 40", "Aim High" and Armando Ianucci's Oscar nominated film "In The Loop".

In 2011 Johnny filmed some of the films mentioned above and performed as part of the "Just For Laughs" Comedy festival in Montreal as a "new face". His above-average performance is described here.

In years previous he worked very hard as host for the MTV series "Megadrive", which is now adored by 14-year-old boys in conflict regions throughout the world.

In no particular order available to the memory of this narrator, Johnny did stuff on the following credible entities: Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Adult Swim, The Sundance Channel, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Lopez Tonight.

Johnny attended Florida State University. He was born and raised in Rochester Minnesota

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2015 Films: Little Gary's Mole

Little Gary's Mole by Wil Loper and Dustin Hardy
Running Time: 8 minutes
Screening Time: Juried, Sat Sept 12th


Salesperson Jared J. Juniper must raise enough money for his 17 ill children. The only thing standing in his way are uncooperative customers and rival salespersons. Best Film Winner Milwaukee 48 Hour Project 2015

Directors' Bio: Wil Loper and Dustin Hardy have made over 40 movies together for 9 years. Their idiosyncratic style is marked by surreal situations and outrageous characters in comedic story-lines.

Directors' Statement
: The genre we pulled was 'Inspirational Film', so our aim was to skewer the cheesy, overly sentimental made-for-TV movies one often sees on the Lifetime and Hallmark channels.

2015 Films: The Survivor

The Survivor by Ahmed Mokari
Iran (World Premiere)
Running Time: 2 minutes
Screening Time: 
Friday, Sept 11th. 6:30pm

The man lives in such a conflict oriented world. He created his own world in spite of hopelessness and naught.

2015 Films: Space Cadets

Space Cadets by Colin Perkins
Milwaukee (MKE Premiere)
Running Time: 15 minutes
Screening Time: 
Friday, Sept 11th. 6:30pm
Comedy/ Sci-Fi

A man pursues his childhood dreams of reaching the final frontier by assembling a team of unqualified cadets to start a space crew.