Saturday, July 14, 2018

2018 Films: The Noize

The Noize by T.C. De Witt
Running Time: 8 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, September 8th 9pm Juried

Oliver has thirty minutes to get to the local radio station to claim a $10,000 prize. He’s got a future! He’s got plans! He’s got more obstacles than he can handle!



Director's Bio:

T.C. De Witt is a multi-awarded writer/director/actor originally from Wisconsin and now based in Los Angeles. His life has been devoted to the arts since he was a child. He's been a stage performer, playwright, stand-up comic, film and television actor, radio DJ, published author, recorded musician, and comic writer/illustrator. While beginning his career on the stage as a playwright and stand-up, he eventually moved into screenwriting and film & television production and has been thriving for nearly a decade. His films have screened at numerous festivals around the world garnering many accolades both in the States and internationally. His success include 5 Best Director Awards, 10 Best Picture Winners, 5 Audience Choice Awards, and a trio of Best Writing awards. He regularly offers his skills to several YouTube partners, Production studios in Los Angeles and the Midwest, and has been a script consultant and ghostwriter on over 60 production just in 2017 so far. He has worked in Los Angeles since 2007, but he always finds his way back to Wisconsin. As a founding member of Firmament Films, a Madison based production company, as well as a co-founder of [REDACTED] Media out of Milwaukee, T.C. knows Wisconsin and the Midwest to be the best source of creativity, dedication, and an underrepresented wellspring of talent for storytelling through film, and he is proud to continue to work out of Milwaukee with [REDACTED] Media and Wisconsin talent.

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