Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Anniversary Film: From the Darkness Theatre

From the Darkness Theatre by Michael Viers
Running Time: 11 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday September 8th
Dark Comedy/Horror 
The private life of a local television Horror Host named Uncle Seymour Cadavers - a life filled with dingy theaters, old movies, and sinful actions. A nod to the infamous, yet never completed, Maniac 2. Written and Directed by Michael Viers, the film had been a passion piece for two years. The film stars Michael Denk and Thad Dulde.




Director's Bio:

Michael Viers is a director and editor, known for Shades of Pride (2011), Do You Love Me? and From the Darkness Theatre (2013). "From the Darkness Theatre", won Best Director, Best Actor and Audience Favorite at the 15th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival. He has various tattoos, however the noteworthy ones include Jason Voorhees hockey mask, Homer Simpson's head shaped into a heart, a stitch in dedication to 'Frankenstein' and the Misfits crimson ghost.

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