Thursday, May 20, 2021

2021 Voices Heard Films: Love & Water

Love & Water by Immanuel Baldwin
Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee Premiere)

Running Time: 10 minutes
Screening Time: TBA
Mystery/ Noir/ Drama

A private investigator is forced to work a case that leads him down a dark and twisted path.

Director's Bio:

Writer, Director Immanuel Baldwin discovered his passion for film when he was younger after his mother introduced him to the "Walls of Jericho" animated film. Immanuel was always different. He began to express such a love for the arts. His mother would watch him reenact various scenes from movies they'd watch and then eventually he started writing and shooting his own shorts on whatever was available. His love of storytelling is attributed to growing up in a family that embraced chasing the dream and the life you want to live, coupled with creative inspiration from his grandfather, Levester Davis. He attended The Art Institute of Illinois - Chicago. During school, he was offered a summer job on a Netflix slated show (The Declassified) He continued to pursue the opportunity. He has held the roles of assistant director, line producer, and production manager on various projects. Now having taken the journey into directing he has grown to become highly praised, and a go-to resource for directing in the Midwest. He has directed ten short films and a slew of music videos, some of which have gone on to receive accolades from various festivals, here in the US and abroad. Immanuel believes inviting the world into his physical, emotional, sexual, and even spiritual experiences. "Immanuel Is very capable of creating a beautiful story with exceptional cinematography, inspired camera movements, touching performances, costumes that reveal characters and a set that contributes to the emotional desert that can exist between two people who live in pain, this filmmaker has a future." As said by the Short and SweetFilm Festival (Jan '18)

Director Statement

I make films to ask questions, to give the audience some form of non linear or pre-determined thought. If after you’ve watched my work and you have a fascination with the world and the characters in it I’ve done my job correctly.

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