Wednesday, May 19, 2021

2021 Films: Quiet on Set

Quiet on Set by Jeanette Buck
Muncie, IN (Milwaukee Premiere)

Running Time: 8 minutes
Screening Time: TBA

An actress assaulted on a film set during the filming of a sex scene, must choose whether to pursue accusations or complete the film that could start her career.

Director's Bio:

Jeanette Buck's film directing credits include: Heather Has Four Moms (shortlisted by the Kevin Spacey Foundation), Texting a Love Story, Kiss on the Bosphorus, Lie Together, In the Menstrual Hut and the feature Out of Season. She also works as a writer, director, and stage manager in Washington, DC. As a playwright, her one woman show There Are No Strangers premiered at Theater J in Washington D.C. and was later performed at The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Her theater directing credits: Rhinoceros, Defiance of Dandelions, Beautiful Thing, Rowing to America, Miracles, Gretty Good Time, Father John does a Hail Mary, and Open Hearts. She currently teaches at Ohio University.

Director Statement

Quiet on Set dissects the filming and consumption of a sex scene within a film where the lead actress has been violated during the shooting of the scene. Loosely inspired by the many stories that have surfaced during the #MeToo movement, Quiet on Set looks at the lines between performance and reality, consent and assault, violator and complicit witness. It also considers ethics in filmmaking, the response to accusations by victims of assault, conflict of contractual obligations, and distribution and consumption of on screen violation.

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