Monday, May 31, 2021

2021 Films: Earful

Earful by T.C. De Witt
Milwaukee , WI (Milwaukee Premiere)

Running Time: Saturday, Sept 11 on Eventive!
Screening Time: TBA

A woman, with the help of her two friends, is ready to tell off her boss.

[REDACTED] combined their Milwaukee and LA talents to film Earful in January 2020, only months before COVID shut the world down. It was produced at the famous Cole's French Dip, in Los Angeles, which has been featured in dozens of Hollywood films and shows, including Forrest Gump and Mad Men. The concept for Earful was inspired by a friend of TC.'s who worked in a rather hostile environment. After a night of encouragement, she finally (almost) stood up for herself. Upon telling the tale, T.C. was given a blessing to make the situation into a short film. [REDACTED] believes in empowering those who feel beaten down by the world, and we hope this humor look at a serious issue amuses and uplifts those who can relate.

Director's Bio:

T.C. De Witt is a multi-awarded writer/director originally from Wisconsin and now based in Los Angeles. His life has been devoted to the arts since he was a child. While beginning his career on the stage as a playwright and stand-up, he eventually moved into screenwriting and film & television production and has been thriving for nearly a decade. His films have screened at numerous festivals around the world garnering many accolades both in the States and internationally. In May 2017, "Screen:Righter" a film he wrote and directed, screened at Festival de Cannes, France. He regularly offers his skills to several YouTube partners, Production studios in Los Angeles and the Midwest, and released his first feature "The Princess Knight" last year and is releasing his second feature "Sunset" next year.

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