Thursday, May 20, 2021

2021 Voices Heard Films: The Cure

The Cure by Toom Chanda & Sakee Xiong
Appleton, WI (Milwaukee Premiere)

Running Time: 14 minutes
Screening Time: TBA
Action/ Drama

Tang, a gifted man with a special bloodline that can cure many disease and can regenerate himself. His wife, a scientist founds out and kept it a secret in order to save her sick daughter from her previous marriage. A mobster who funded the projects notice and kidnaps her for the serum. Tang’s then goes in a rampage to save her.

Director's Bio:

Toom Chanda is a Laotian/Hmong actor, filmmaker, philanthropist, and Muay Lao Coach, operating three gyms prior to pursuing his acting career. He has appeared on Chicago Fire, commercials, and produced his own films, such as the Cure, streaming on Amazon Prime.

Inspired by growing up in an impoverished area in Laos, he founded ToomStuntTeam (TST) to assist those who are less fortunate and not in the position to follow their dreams. TST plans to provide needed resources to 3rd world countries (e.g., food, water). Toom is a genuinely kind human being.

Sakee Xiong is a Cinematographer and director with ten years experience.

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