Monday, May 31, 2021

2021 Films: Two Minutes on High

Two Minutes on High by Amber Rose McNeill
Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee Premiere)

Running Time: 3 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 11 on Eventive!
LGBTQ+/Feminist Cinema/Social Commentary

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"Two Minutes on High” challenges the deeply ingrained concepts of normative sexuality and traditional gender roles via a metaphoric exploration of the four phases of the sexual response cycle: desire, arousal, climax and resolution.

Desire and arousal take a more commercialized approach, commenting on the heteronormative sexual programming that is heavily reinforced by the consumption of mainstream cinema and online pornography; the two predominant mediums via which we frequently observe sex.

Climax and resolution explore the impact that power dynamics and gender roles have on the expression of sexuality and sexual practices within western culture. The introduction of sounds and images that bend and break these norms encourage the viewer to reconsider the effects that social conditioning and media consumption play in our perceptions and behavior surrounding sexuality and gender.

Director's Bio

Amber Rose McNeill is an Australian filmmaker based in Wisconsin whose work centers around gender roles, sexuality, abnormal psychology and violence. Her films frequently examine social attitudes towards these themes within media and culture through the use of satire, absurdism and experimental techniques. By utilizing found and existing footage Amber Rose is able to create transformative pieces of art that require the viewer to examine their existing beliefs and social behaviors, particularly as they pertain to the consumption of media and social norms.

Director Statement

I wanted to create a film that exposes the narrow view of sex that is cultivated by the categorization of sexual desires in the online digital world but then sprawled out to explore the nuances that exist within real life sexual behaviors. Through structuring the film around the four phases of the sexual response cycle: desire, arousal, climax, and resolution, I was able to break through the heteronormative sexual programming that we all consume in the form of pornography and cinema to take a more explorative look at the ways in which power dynamics and gender roles influence our expressions of sexuality and sexual practices. The film ultimately asks the viewer to reconsider the impact that this toxic and skewed sexual programming has on our attitudes and behaviors towards sex in both conceptual and practical applications.

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