Wednesday, May 19, 2021

2021 Films: Lamentation

Lamentation by Marissa J. Williams
Wisconsin (Milwaukee Premiere)

Running Time: 11 minutes
Screening Time: Friday, Sept 10 on Eventive!
Experimental/ Student/ Women

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A filmic exploration through the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Lamentation is a short film that uses dance and gesture, paired with sound and visual design, to illustrate the emotions portrayed in each stage.

Director's Bio:

Marissa J. Williams is an Afro-Latina filmmaker and producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who focuses on documentary and non-linear forms of personal storytelling. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in December of 2019, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Film Department. During her time at UWM she explored techniques of production design, sound design, and the body to illustrate these visual components of storytelling. Marissa found interest in personal storytelling by using media as a way to work through her own past, and try to understand how emotions are processed and applied in art. Coming from a music background, she was introduced to filmmaking through sound design and how it can elevate a viewer's experience. Moving forward in her career, Marissa is focusing on producing projects that allow her the ability to creatively push real life stories.

Marissa was able to intern with Doc|UWM and 371 Productions, both based out of Milwaukee, during her time at UWM. Here she saw how these companies work in the style of documentary on a professional level, and the techniques used to tell people’s stories. She has also worked on a few narrative shorts and related projects that have come to the Milwaukee area.

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