Wednesday, June 22, 2022

2022 Films: Mold of Malachi

Mold of Malachi by Mtume Gant
New York, NY (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time: 9 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 10 at 6:30PM

In the suburbs of America, a Black man’s morning jog nightmare exists as a game for others.

Director Bio:

Mtume Gant is a Director, Performer & Educator hailing from NYC. His career started on stage, screen & TV, most notably as a cast member of the HBO show Oz and one of the leads in the film CARLITOS WAY: RISE TO POWER, where he was featured in the role of "Reggie" next to Mario Van Peebles and Luis Guzman. He made his screen debut as Louis in the Sundance Award Winning Film HURRICANE STREETS. He then moved behind the camera with his film SPIT which went on to win over half a dozen awards (Best Short film at the Coney Island Film Festival) and screened at nearly two dozen festivals across the United States such as Aspen Shortsfest, Woodstock Film Festival and Cucalorus.

His second film WHITE FACE caused an uproar, a film that predicted Trumps America was seen ahead of its time and was one of the more controversial shorts out in the circuit of 2017. It went on to be programmed at few dozen film festivals as well.

Mold of Malachi is Mtume's latest work and he is poised to make his feature film Directing debut in 2022. Mtume is also an Assistant Professor of Film at Purchase College.

Director Statement

Mold of Malachi is my statement on a conversation that I am tired of having, the conversation around Black trauma. What I aim to relay to those viewing is to question who are these explorations Black trauma for? Are they for Black people at large? Or others? And who is benefitting from all this excessive displays of pain and suffering around Black bodies? Mold of Malachi is my most focused work to date and one I feel I am the clearest with in terms of intention. I hope it causes you to question this very industry we have and whats really behind this current interest in Black stories.

Hope the film speaks you all.

And one last thing, make sure to keeping watching until AFTER the credits.

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