Wednesday, June 9, 2021

2021 Films: Save All Who Dare

Save All Who Dare by Erika Kirkstein-Zastrow
Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time: 7 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 11 on Eventive!

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"Save All Who Dare" is a poetic film that asks the question of what truly is right or wrong during a time of crisis. A timely yet timeless piece that follows the journey of two members of a cult questioning their faith, their leaders, themselves, and what the consequences would be. An allegory for our current political and pandemic climate.
“ walking away braver than a last stand?”




Director's Bio:

Erika Kirkstein-Zastrow (Director/Writer/Co-Producer) – holds a BFA in Theatre and an MA in English from the U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she is currently based. She has practiced as a dramaturg in Theatre for nearly a decade. Her career includes the creation and development of new theatrical works. In addition, she as acted as an assistant director and producer on numerous theatre productions. Her bridge into filmmaking includes training at PA Academy with Atlanta Film Society and her own independent study behind the lens. She has worked with film festivals in Wisconsin and Chicago. "Save All Who Dare" marks her filmmaking directorial debut with the aim of addressing the various existential difficulties of the current moment in a poetic manner.

Director's Statement

"Save All Who Dare" questions the nature of faith when our deeply held convictions are challenged, inspired by the difficult questions I grappled with after being raised in a strict religious environment.

The text is designed to balance lyrical, otherworldly dialogue with universal feelings. The simplistic imagery is designed to juxtapose between the two timelines of conversation. The original score, composed by Jacob Handrich, was conceived as being two interwoven songs colliding by the end of the film.

The concept of the film was a collaborative effort of the artists involved. It stemmed from our feelings around the current state of our world – the political climate, pandemic, and the idea of community leaders vs. the individual. A timeless poetic piece that asks more questions than answers.

I desired to challenge myself as a director both practically and artistically. The time crunch and restrictions of production was a limit that had to be creatively worked within. The more abstract nature of the ideas presented of the film was a challenge to both ask important questions while remaining accessible to audiences.

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