Saturday, June 12, 2021

2021 Films: Reanimation of the Imagination

Reanimation of the Imagination by Tommy Simms
Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time:13 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 11 on Eventive!
Comedy/ Sci-Fi

Burdened with an extraordinary namesake, Dr. Thomas Frankenstein explores the depths of his imagination in order to discover an innovative way to reanimate the family legacy.

Director's Bio:

Tommy Simms is an interdisciplinary artist from Wisconsin. He perfected his stop-motion animation technique while attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His senior film, “The Legend of Leatherface Larry” went on to be showcased at the Festival de Cannes. After achieving his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Tommy co-founded Out of Toon Studios. The studio’s team is dedicated to teaching the art of animation, while also creating original films. Their animated short, “Genie Gypsy Woman,” was awarded Best Animated Music Video at the Rinc√≥n International Film Festival. In addition to the work with Out of Toon Studios, Tommy has had his animations and puppetry featured on PBS, in local theatre productions, and at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. For years he has inspired the next generation of artists, teaching puppetry and stop-motion classes at art camps across the United States. His animated adventures now continue with SIMWIG films, currently creating music videos with the surf-pop indie-rock band, Fuzzysurf.

Director Statement

Since childhood, Frankenstein has made countless appearances in my artwork. From illustrations and cartoons, to sculptures and puppets, the tale of the misunderstood monster, that Mary Shelley dreamed up 200 years ago, continues to ignite my creative spark. Unbeknownst at the time, all of these Frankenstein-inspired projects were destined to become part of something colossal. Combining live-action with stop-motion, traditional, and computer-generated animation, this film is a culmination of artistic experience. The Frankenstein Legacy lives on as Out of Toon Studios proudly presents, REANIMATION OF THE IMAGINATION.

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