Friday, August 14, 2020

2020 Best Of Covid Edition Film: Crash

Crash by Yinan Wang
Running Time: 8 minutes
From 2018

One night, after Alex’s company is taken away by Young, the best friend, and co-owner, Alex dialed Young’s number and was told Young is having dinner with his wife. Alex is overwhelmed and driven crazy. He refused to sign the letter of assignment and decided to end up his life in a car accident. However, he didn’t get what he wanted.



Director's Bio:

Yinan Wang, documentary photographer and film maker, was born in Beijing. His works document minorities who live in China, and America. 

Beginning as a cinematographer, Yinan worked on the films, Kalagutage and Salt Well Naxi People which document the day to day lives and cultures of Indigenous peoples of China. In his work for these films, he undertook multiple trips to Yunnan, Tibet, and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. 

After years of frontline film-making, Yinan returned to school and studied Film, Video, Animation and New Genre at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. In school period, he learned and explored different forms of art, and finished his first feature documentary Yen Ching with the help of Professor Dick Blau and Professor Cecelia Condit. Now he is working on a documentary film about his mom and grandfather he had never met.

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