Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 Films: Venus Rising from the Undertow

Venus Rising from the Undertow by Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz
Milwaukee (Wisconsin Premiere)
Running Time: 12 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday September 10th, 6PM


In the dynamic 1980's of Eastern Europe, Venus and Julia were a beautiful spy team with the CIA, until a simple pick up job goes horribly wrong.

Thirty years later, Julia gets the shock of her life when she spots Venus rising up out of the foaming waters of a Florida beach. Questions from the past come slamming into the now for Julia, who must make the right choice for the both of them. The past is never past.


Director’s Statement:

What happens when spies get old? What happens when you get tired of doing the work, but cannot imagine what else to do?

When I started writing Venus Rising from the Undertow, I was cognizant of the contrast of young people’s dynamic story and that of older people who also still have dynamic stories to tell. I wanted a way to tell the story of the older spies and how their lives have developed over time, how their career choice shaped their world.

The production was set in Fernandina Beach, Florida and Milwaukee’s 3 rd Ward standing in the Eastern Europe of the 70’s. Working with an amazing and dedicated cast and crew it was possible to create a story that was both an action packed drama and a story of a friendship sorely tested by time. It took three years to get the film from concept to final sound edit, all of which was really made possible because many people believed in me and the project throughout that time.

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