Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 Films: Everything

Everything by Daniel Hanna
Virginia (MKE Premiere)
Running Time: 16 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 10th 3:30PM


A mom fights the medical and legal establishment to save her daughter's life when a bone marrow donor backs out.

Nearly 3,000 Americans die each year because they can’t find a bone marrow donor match.
Only 2% of Americans are on the national bone marrow registry.

Everything examines the issue of offering compensation for bone marrow donors as a means of encouraging more donors into the donor pool and encouraging those who are a match to follow through when called upon. Nearly half of all identified bone marrow donors back out leaving cancer patients’ lives in jeopardy. Compensation holds the power to change that.

Everything stars Mandy Levin, Kristin Dattilo and Michel Gill.



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