Sunday, July 31, 2016

2016 Films: Cartolina

Cartolina by Kevin Przybylinski & Sheila Teruty
Wisconsin (Wisconsin Premiere)
Running Time: 10 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday Sept 10th, 8:30PM Juried Films Part 2


After receiving the same postcard in the mail three days in a row we start to question reality and what fate it holds, Is it now or was it then is what you will be asking after delving into this David Lynch inspired take on "Through the Looking Glass". Shot on the Super 8mm Film in the Rare Max 8 format, Cartolina will be a real treat for the film geek in all of us.



Kevin Przybylinski's Bio:

His work has an immediate and invigoratingly dark tone - psychological noir if you will, be it in black and white or color - an ambitious symbiosis between cinema and still photography achieved.

The effect of his vision lingers far longer in the psyche as testament to a deeper intonation of intent. In his work “sensual” hints of a darker chronicle; a confluence of the primal urge melded with ominous, violent tracts of narrative.

His determination kicks into overdrive as his aesthetic target is centered with singular aim; Przybylinski provably emerges as a burgeoning Renaissance man. - Mark Borchardt (Actor; American Movie & Writer; The Onion)

Sheila Teruty's Bio:

Sheila Teruty is a vintage clothing collector/curator, freelance photographer and wardrobe stylist based in Milwaukee and Cartolina is her first delve into the film world. 

Sheila Teruty received a strange postcard 11 years ago from a stranger and after finding it in a pile of old journals. With her love of 1920's silent films and fashion, she decided to create a strange film based on the old postcard. 

Sheila received her BA in Interactive Media Design from Alverno College where she first started creating amateur films.

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