Sunday, July 17, 2016

2016 Films: Nasty

Nasty by Prano Bailey-Bond
United Kingdom (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time: 15 minutes
Screening Time:
Saturday Sept 10th, 8:30PM  Juried Films Part 2

It’s 1982. Twelve-year old Doug's Father has mysteriously vanished. With his Mother distraught Doug takes the case into his own hands, leading him to discover his Dad's secret collection of illicit video nasties.  Determined these videos will help him find his Dad, Doug embarks on a desperate quest, infiltrating the strange world of video nasties in an attempt to reunite his family through a patchwork of horror.

Director Bio:

Prano is an award-winning director who grew up on a diet of Twin Peaks in the depths of a strange Welsh community. Her work invokes imaginative worlds, fusing a dark vocabulary with eerie allure, revealing how beauty resides in strange places. A seeker of truth in a world of fiction, she is fascinated by lifes' ironies and contradictions.
Tipped as one-to-watch by Film4, Prano's work has been recognized at events and festivals including BFI London Film Festival, Slamdance, Tampere, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UKMVA's, London Short Film Festival and European Independent Film Festival. She is also an award-winning editor.

Director Statement

"Taken over by something evil from the TV set" and "Rape of our children's minds" are just two of the real tabloid headlines which demonized Video Nasty's in early-80's Britain.  I’m fascinated by this era of moral panic, when VHS first became available in the home and a boom in low budget horror ensued. 

Now, even children could get their hands on this stuff to view it – secretly, and repeatedly. What was this new way of consuming horror going to do to our society? 

Many believed it would turn us into monsters. In a way, I sought to satirize this thinking, exploring what the world would be like if these headlines were true. What is the power of fiction? Where does its influence over reality begin and end? I was interested in these questions, and in finding ways to show fiction invading reality – mundane suburbia and the vivid world of VHS horror colliding. 

I wanted to boil down some of the issues surrounding Video Nasty’s and place them within the context of the family. I’m interested in how we censor our children from difficult information and how this can create distance within the family, potentially leaving a child more confused and vulnerable. What truths do we share or hide from our families, and what are the consequences of this?





Winner - Best International Short - Fantaspoa International Fantasy Film Festival 2016 (Brazil)

Winner - Best Short Film - Stranger With My Face International Film Festival 2016 (Australia)

Winner - Best Director - North Wales International Film Festival 2016 (UK)

Winner - Best Picture - Maverick Movie Awards 2015 

Winner - Best Director - Maverick Movie Awards 2015

Honorary Mention - Graveyard Shift Shorts - Nashville Film Festival 2016 (USA)

Special Mention - Best Producer - UnderWire Festival 2015 (UK)

Award of Merit - Best Short Film - IndieFEST Awards 2016

Official Selection:
BFI London Film Festival 2015 (UK)

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015 (UK)

UK Film Festival 2015 (UK)

Cine Express Cult Film Festival 2015 (UK)

London Short Film Festival 2016 (UK) (Nominated: Best Woman Director Award)

Slamdance Film Festival 2016 (USA) (Nominated: Best Narrative Short)

British Shorts Film Festival Berlin 2016 (Germany) (Nominated: Jury Award Best Film)

Mecal Barcelona Short and Animation Film Festival 2016 (Spain)

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2016 (Belgium)

Stranger With My Face International Film Festival 2016 (Australia)

No Gloss Film Festival 2016 (UK)

Night Visions Film Festival 2016 (Finland)

IndieFest Awards 2016 

Cinedeliphia Film Festival 2016 (USA)

NanoCon Science Fiction Film Festival 2016 (USA)

Etheria Film Night 2016 (USA)

London Independent Film Festival 2016 (UK)

Palm Springs International Film Festival & Shortsfest 2016 (USA)

Snake Alley Film Festival 2016 (USA)

Sunderland Shorts Film Festival 2016 (UK)

Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival 2016 (Spain)

Dundead Horror Film Festival 2016 (UK)

Film Leben Festival 2016 (Germany)

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