Friday, July 21, 2017

Advanced Tickets for 19th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival

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To buy advance tickets we set up these Paypal options. We use paypal to avoid adding extra surcharges and fees that Event Brite charges. This keeps our tickets at $10

First: Use Firefox rather than Windows Internet Explorer. We find that Windows gets twitchy when using Paypal.

Second: Tickets will be tracked and held at the door. We will not mail tickets. It is will call. 

When going to your preferred show specify at the door the name in which the tickets were purchased under, the show (Fri 6:45pm, Sat 4:30pm , etc), the number of tickets bought and please bring your confirmation email as well.

Third: Be sure that you pick the right block of films. Tickets will be sold singly, pairs, sets of three,  four and five. If you need more than five you will have to go back in and purchase more. We are sorry if you have to do that, but we find people don't usually buy more than 4 or 5 friends. There will be tickets sold at the door as well.

Fourth: There is no credit card purchases on site, cash only sales. ATM's are within walking distance to the venue.

Finally: Fox Bay Cinema has plenty of available parking near them and behind them. They also have food and drinks. Also, we suggest that our film selection is suitable for those 16 and up. Please keep that in mind.

                                         ADVANCED TICKETS STOP ON SEPT 7th.      
                               PLEASE ARRIVE 30 MINS EARLY FOR ALL SHOWS                                                                                     Sorry no refunds.

For the 9pm shows, please show up on time. 
The Kitchen closes after that show begins.

Fri. Session 1: (6:45pm)  OPENING NIGHT EVENT!! Juried Part 1  The BouquetRoarIn America: Red, White & Blood, In The Magical Forest of WonderRecycleBlack RingThe Coldest GameDo You Love Me?The Log  and our Pace-setter awarded to Stephen Milek and Christopher House

Ticket Options

Friday. Session 2: (9pm) VOICES HEARD! LOCAL MULTI-CULTURAL FILMMAKERS  Don't Cry Papa , Every Black Boy Wants To Be Loved, Every Moment Midwest ProblemsTill Death Do Us Part
Twenty Segregation StreetNatural Horror, and The Homecoming

Ticket Options

Ticket Options

Sat Session 4: (6:45pm)  Dead Man's Carnival: A Conversation With Pinkerton Xyloma ,  ReclaimerKat the Baker We All Bleed Red, Chrome N Star,  A Whole World For A Little World , Ornament of Beauty  "SUDDEN TITLE APPEARS ONSCREEN" ,  and Pinhole

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Sat Session 5: (9pm) Juried Films Part 2.  @Me,  UnbuttonedFlambé,  Ten More

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2 day pass $40.00

Remember tickets will not be mailed, bring your email notification, and enjoy the show!

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