Tuesday, July 4, 2017

2017 Films: Strings Attached

Strings Attached by Katie Theel
California (Wisconsin Premiere)
Running Time: 6 minutes
Screening Time: 
Juried Saturday, September 9th 9PM

Marion feels trapped in her picture-perfect life without the autonomy to escape, until she finds the strength to break away from the forces holding her back and seek the truth about her captivity.

Director's Bio:

Katie Theel is a young filmmaker originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but currently based in Los Angeles. Katie loves all forms of art and storytelling, but has found her passion in filmmaking. Her main area of focus is production design, although she also does some work as an editor and a director.

Katie especially loves stories that combine realistic, dramatic themes with elements of fantasy. Her goal as an artist is to provoke audiences to think about familiar issues in new ways.

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