Friday, July 14, 2017

2017 Films: Inside Out

Inside Out by Vonnie Quest
Wisconsin (Wisconsin Premiere)
Running Time: 8 minutes
Screening Time:  
Juried Saturday, September 9th 9PM

Milwaukee, WI at times can be a pretty rough city. Poverty and crime seem to run rampant throughout the North side, causing tension within residents. Cream City Boxing Gym is at the center of the community offering a positive space for young men and women to come in and release frustration. Courtney “Salvatore” Williams came into Cream City Boxing with entirely different perspective than what he has now. Salvatore proves that positive change can happen with persistence and the right circle of people to motivate success. Inside out is an experimental documentary about one man’s journey to turning his life around.




Director's Bio:

Visual artist and Filmmaker Vonnie Quest is a native of Milwaukee, WI, and recently earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art practices from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He experiments with both documentary and narrative films that places an emphasis on class struggle, identity, and projecting authentic narratives within the African Diaspora. His work in both collage and cinema informs audiences about the parallels between surrealism and navigating on a daily basis as a person of color. Quest finds inspiration in fatherhood, time travel, The Harlem Renaissance and literary movements such as the Negritude, Transcendentalism, and metaphysics. Works by Maya Deren, David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and the L.A. Rebellion also influences his artistic direction as a filmmaker.

Quest has shown work at the 12th Annual Heritage Film Festival in Baltimore, Maryland, won both Jurors Choice and Audience Choice awards in UWM 72nd Student Film Festival, and projected work at Kenilworth Square East as of and art exhibition. He recently screened work at Gallery 400 in Chicago, IL as an apart of the “Remnants of a Dream” film program series. Quest formed Afro Projection a cinema program geared toward screening work of Black Filmmakers who produce unconventional/experimental work. Quest is also a part of the Blaqstronaut Film Collective.

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