Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017 Films: The Bouquet

The Bouquet by Allen & Smithee
France (Wisconsin Premiere)

Running Time: 11 minutes
Screening Time: 
Juried Friday, September 8th 6:45PM

On a deserted road, driving an antique car, Stephane hurries up to a wedding whom he is the best boy. Terribly late, he realizes that he forgot the bride’s bouquet. Fortune favors him when he has the opportunity to take possession of a funeral bouquet tied on a tree. But fate takes it out on him when his GPS loses signal. Unable to get his bearings, he will have to take with him the only person who crosses his path, and who is able to help : Charlotte… who just placed her funeral bouquet on the tree. 





Director Biography

Behind the alias Allen & Smithee, of wich the meaning reveals their cinephilia, are Romain and Julien hiding. Since they met in an editing room, where one was editing the movie of the other, their common passion for cinema gathered them. Today they direct films together. After working in feature film production for several years, including some by Luc Besson, Romain launch himself in directing a documentary about autism. When he met Julien, the editor of his film, he discovers a passion for filmic writing. Julien begins to work as a camera operator. He quickly evolves to editing and directing, exploring music videos and short films. Dabbling in everything he naturally writes, fascinating by film dramaturgy as well. In love with unexpected stories and colorful characters, Romain and Julien have always put cinema in their music videos.

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