Saturday, August 16, 2014

2014 Films: The Roxy Incident

The Roxy Incident by Kris Schulz
Wisconsin (WI Premiere)
Running Time: 13 Minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 6th 2:30pm

The Roxy Incident is a stylized Film Noir that is an homage to the classics. Originally, the script was put together as a practice for another film contest/challenge, the 48 Hour Film Project. Instead of putting it aside, I worked to extend scenes and complete the story. Working with many of the actors for the first time, and being a first time director, this film was not only a passion project, but also a great lesson for me in film making. I liked taking on the challenge of the stylized films, with that particular look, feel, long shadows and subject material of Noir. 

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