Monday, August 4, 2014

2014 Films: Poupée

Poupée by Timo Von Gunten
 (MKE Premiere)
Running Time: 10 Minutes
Screening Time: Friday, Sept 5th 6:30pm

Poupée is an artistic short film about the life of a doll in the display window in Paris. The doll tries to escape from its life behind the window of fashion into the world where it hopes to find more recognition. But in fact, the doll is just a projection of a person in real life.
A poetic reflection on appearance, solitude and self-discovery.

How much of ourselves is real and how much is like a doll in a display window? The theme of a doll becoming alive has been used for centuries in a great variety of stories. Poupée shows us in an artistic new way a portrait of our lifestyle with a doll as the protagonist.

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  1. That sounds great! I felt like that so many years like I needed to be perfect. Now it is not an issue. Very freeing!