Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 Films: Balloonatic

Balloonatic by Josh B. Bryan
Milwaukee (MKE Premiere)

Running Time: 20 Minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 6th 4:40pm

All our hapless hero wants is to entertain.  The other buskers, however, have kicked him off the pitch and his foul mouthed boss has fired him.  A note reading, “See Me,” suggests that things might be looking up.  Our villain is a capitalist whose application of mass production threatens the very soul of balloon animals everywhere.  Will our hero escape the clutches of a dead end job or worse, find out first-hand how mimes are made?

From its vaudeville & independent theatre scenes, “Balloonatic,” casts some of Milwaukee’s finest performers, actors, and musicians into a mythological world of clowns.  

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  1. looking fwd to coming Sat 4:40. Bringing others or not depending on the following: Blogspot post sez "16 and over" for session 4. Is that a suggestion or a hard fast rule? Will younger kids be turned away at the ticket window? Please advise.