Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014 Films: Lucille

Lucille by Aaron Greer
Chicago (World Premiere)
Running Time: 6 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 6th 2:30

After her mother dies, Pam retreats to the clutches of old friends and old habits-- a decision that threatens the only family she has left-- in this short film about life, love and liquor. Lucille is the first installment of a cinematic exquisite corpse, challenging directors to produce a compelling, short film with few actors, little cash, and no crew.

Director Statement 
"Lucille" is the first installment of filmmaking challenge and exquisite corpse dubbed a "Less Than but Equal to Production," requiring makers to create a short film following five rules:
1 person production crew
2 hundred dollar production budget
3 or fewer scenes
4 or fewer actors
5 page or shorter script

The challenge was devised by Aaron as a response to his students' work (and whining), an alternative to Hollywood excess, and a test of his own abilities. It proved to be all of those things, in addition to an opportunity to focus on collaborating with the actors, who were incredibly good sports about the process, and to get a incredibly effective full-body workout (nothing is more taxing than serving as your own grip, gaffer, sound mixer, camera op, AD and caterer for 12 hours).

Ultimately the goal is to entice other filmmakers to accept the challenge and create other films using the rules; or if nothing else, have "Less Than but Equal to" films become the new workout regimen of choice for the creative class.

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