Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 Films: Snowglobe

Snowglobe by Tony Porter
Fond du Lac, WI,  (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time: 6 Minutes
Screening Time: Oct 25th 6:30pm
Tickets $10.00 Buy Tickets Here:

A colorblind handyman born inside a melting snow globe tires to escape after finding schematics for a prototype rocket.

Production Notes

This project had a number of personal challenges. I chose to shoot on very slow film early on in order to help create a stark contrast in the colorfulness of memory versus the start black and white of the characters present. I spent countless hours over the last 8 months digitally transferring rolls of film frame by frame in order to get the highest quality possible for my budget. The underwater shots were particularly cumbersome as I had to put a bolex in an underwater housing with no viewfinder or any camera controls and blindly shoot with a wide lens, hoping for the best. For the flying effects I hung my actor from the ceiling with a harness and balanced him with a pulley system of weights and blew a leaf blower into his face. I layered the background with white sheets and lit them separately in order to help key out the background. Overall I'm glad I set myself up with so many technical challenges because I learned tons through the process of troubleshooting each problem as it arose

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