Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Films: Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea? by Lucien Jung
Greendale, WI (Milwaukee Premiere) 
Running Time: 6 Minutes
Screening Time: Oct 26th 5:15pm

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Zany party girl Britney sets up her sexually confused ex-boyfriend Matt on his first gay date with kooky club kid Richie. Awkward first impressions lead to outright hostility. But Britney is a girl who always gets her way and what she wants is for these boys to give love a chance. 

Director Statement 
Coffee or Tea is a fun and breezy short in the spirit of Hollywood romantic comedies from the ‘50s and ‘60s. While the film can be viewed as “camp,” we are absolutely sincere in our positive message of self-acceptance. We define our lead characters not as members of a marginalized community but as two young men engaged in the universal pursuits of figuring out who they are and how to love and be loved.

The film’s sensibility was informed by the outsider experiences of myself and co-writers Thomas Sennholz and Daniel J. Harmon. While we’d have loved for our lives to have played out like a John Hughes’ film or a Technicolor dream of beach parties, school dances, and relatively uncomplicated bouts of puppy love, that’s not how things turned out.

Coffee or Tea is my cheerfully absurdest take on queer love and the Sandra Dee and Doris Day films I continue to enjoy. My hope is that audiences will smile with recognition and come to understand that to get what you want you have to know who you are. Then maybe, for the next generation of outsiders, their journey of self-discovery really will end with a lovely soft-focus kiss.

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