Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013 Films: Life

Life by Lasse Lorenzen
Denmark (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time: 2  Minutes
Screening Time:  Opening Night 6:30pm, Oct 25th.

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In a remote place in the not so distant past a family sits down for dinner. In this bleak Scandinavian tableau the children will learn the true meaning of life. Even though the harsh father looms over the silent room, the children's primitive thirst for color and fun punctures the prudent atmosphere.

Director Statement
Even in the bleakest and darkest of times life will find a way to add color and cheer.

LIFE is in short, a short film about the meaning of life.

The story had been flying around in my mind for quite a while. I always had the urge to show how I experience life in its essence. I remember being a kid and seeing all these extremely serious adult humanbeings who never seemed to have any FUN - and vowing to never end up like that. Now, being an adult myself I do feel that life is very serious and at its core not very fun at all. But the kid in me still pops up and tries to force me to puncture that bubble of adulthood. And often at the most inopportune moments in life.

As a result whenever life becomes to serious or organized I feel the urge to do or say something completely out-of-context, just to see what happens. More often than not this simply results in me being put in my place. I wanted to put this into cinematic context and with LIFE we have done just that. By striving to create an atmosphere as bleak and serious as possible, simply to burst this bubble by something completely out of context - like a Bergman film suddenly being invaded by Monty Python.

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