Friday, September 20, 2013

15th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival Line up

The Milwaukee Independent Film Society was founded in 1996 by Dan Wilson. Its mission and goals were to provide a grass roots community where local filmmakers can share their ideas, projects, and collaborate on local efforts.

MIFS is a non-profit organization who leadership has changes, but missions remains the same.

The Milwaukee Short Film Festival is our signature event, since its inception in 1994 we've steadily built our reputation and one of the best regional festivals in America. We were signaled out by Moviemaker Magazine as "Best Local Festival" with a strong slate of award winning International films, and the best in local filmmaking.

Each year we do our best to get industry professionals from Los Angeles and the Milwaukee area to jury the films. Previous judges were Mark Metcalf (Animal House, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Zack Ward (A Christmas Story, Transformers), Uwe Boll (Postal, House of the Dead) Timothy J. Lonsdale (Speed, Species) and David Streit (Jurassic Park III, River's Edge) .

The Milwaukee Short Film Festival is proud to also say that the home of the festival is a Milwaukee landmark, The Milwaukee Art Museum's Lubar Auditorium situated in the world famous Calatrava. Located on Milwaukee's lakefront area.

Friday October 25th, Opening Night.

6:30 pm Lubar Auditorium, MAM

A World of Difference by Gerald Guthrie
Hurricane Bonnie by Linda Cieslik
Life by Lasse Lorenzen
It Was Wonderful by Timothy DeWitt
Spaghetti für Zwei by Matthias Rosenberger
Girls Season 38 by Gail Lerner
Snowglobe by Tony Porter
Rock Doc: Die Kreuzen by Bill Schulz & Gary Porter
Love You Still  by Michael Viers

We'll also honor this year's recipients of the Pace-setter award, Dan Wilson & Susan Kerns.


Oct 25th MIFS Feature Film Screening

9:15pm Lubar Auditorium, MAM 
The Wayward Sun by Jozef K. Richards


Saturday October 26th

12 pm Lubar Auditorium, MAM
The Librarian and The Banjo by Jim Carrier

1: 30 pm World View

To Dream Away by Si En Tan
Bishtar Az Do Saat by Ali Asgari
Le Herisson De Verre by Jean-Sebastien Bernard
Rojo by Miguel Najera
Junggesellin by Anna Linke
To Hell, With Love by Gavin Michael Booth
Lean on Me by Gavin Butler
蜜月套房 (Honeymoon Suite) by Zao Wang

3:15 Show

Foreclosure by Vassi Slavova
Unknown Caller by Matthew Huebsch
Once An Afternoon by Tony Oliveras
Donna Ray by Omar McClinton
White Carpet by Jordan Fein
Gun Point by Darby Kern
While it Lasts by Marc Kornblatt
Why Fly- A Hot Air Affair by Roger Bindl
Super Fun Sunshine Gun by Craig A Knitt

5:15 pm Show

A Hard Life by Rubin Whitmore II
Lumininosity by F-Stop Won
Coffee or Tea by Lucien Jung
Temenos by Adriane Little
People Aren't All Bad by Matthew Hashiguchi
Tlaoc by Sabrina Doyle
Into the Tangerine Parlor by Vito Valenti
Catalyst by Matt Troge
Hide and Go Seek by Eli Hayes
Six Letter Word by Lisanne Sartor

7pm Juried

Olivia by Ryan Bloomquist
Night in A Hotel by Daniel Kontur
Le Train Bleu by Stephanie Assimacopoulo
Parfois by Jaclyn Tyler Poeschl
Atlantic Avenue by Laure de Clermont
Melon Head by Andy Fortenbacher
Mitt Forra Liv by Sebastian Linblad
Mason Jelly Jar by Van Campbell III
The Cucaranchula by Kate Balsey
From The Darkness Theatre by Michael Viers
Time 2 Split by Fabrice Bracq

9:15 Show TBA

The website will be updated this week and online ticket will be ready by October 5th.

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