Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Films: A Hard Life

A Hard Life by Rubin Whitmore II
Milwaukee (Milwaukee Premiere) 
Running Time: 9 Minutes
Screening Time: Oct 26th  5:15pm

Tickets $10.00 Buy Tickets Here:

A Hard Life is short musical comedy is about three women who are brought in for questioning in the death of a man.  The man has died from an overdose of sexual performance enhancement drugs. After further questioning from the investigator along with insight from the toxicologist all the women are discovered to be complicit.  But the ultimate demise of the man involves more than just these three women and their desire to receive satisfaction.

A Hard Life was ambitiously written and shot along with original music created in the time span of two days and only has had minimal sound design added in the time following.  Directed by Rubin Whitmore II, music by David Kaye, choreography by Christopher Gilbert. Starring Michelle White, Kendall Yorkey, Grace Liebenstem and Kurtis Witzlsteiner. (2013) TRT 9:11

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