Tuesday, August 11, 2015

VOICES HEARD 2015: Spare Change

Spare Change by Kenny Lawrence
Milwaukee (World Premiere)
Running Time: 10 minutes
Screening Time: Friiday, Sept 11th 8:30pm 

 Drama/ Adult/Urban

A seemingly privileged and out of place woman finds herself in need of protection by and from the very people she looks down upon daily. As she encounters a host of sketchy characters who seem to recognize her, Kathy-Autumn (Ty Love) grows increasingly frightened by her current situation and lack of memory around who and where she is and why. Struggling to regain her memory, a down on his luck “bum”, Sonny, (Kirk Housey) kindly provides Kathy-Autumn much needed refuge and friendship. While sharing his own life story, Sonny helps Kathy-Autumn recover some of her memories and also see how easily she too could be in the same place as Sonny. The next morning, Kathy-Autumn awakens in the comforts of her living room, hung over and confused. Was it all just a nightmare or did she somehow spend the evening with Sonny learning not to judge a book by its cover?




Director's Bio: 

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ken Lawrence grew up with a deep interest in film. At just 10 years old, he begged his single mother for a kid’s version of the Super 8 Camera for Christmas, and although it took everything she had, she supported her son’s dreams. Ken began filming his own shows with friends; turning every day into a drama, every funny moment into a comedy series. Years later, Ken joined the Plastering/Cement Masons Union to support his family but never forgot about his dreams. The failed economy brought Ken back to film. He is currently studying Motion Picture & Television at The Academy of Art University, has joined several local film groups, and works on a variety of local commercials and events throughout Wisconsin. Ken is also currently working on two web series’ and continues to write and turn his life into future films.

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