Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2015 Films: Test

Test by Jay Lifton
New York (MKE Premiere)
Running Time: 10 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 12th 8:00pm JURIED

Absurdist/ Dark Comedy

A seemingly unremarkable man spends a day taking a bizarre test at a mysterious facility. Through his day he interacts with the odd, detached employees of the facility, guiding him from section to section, obscuring the intentions or duration of the test.

Director's Bio:

Greek-American musician Jay Lifton has been a composer for the past 15 years, working on a wide variety of projects in the NY area; independent features like Jay DiPietro's PETER AND VANDY, Victor Levin's 5 to 7, and Marc Meyer's HOW HE FELL IN LOVE, as well as documentaries such as EGG The ARTS SHOW, and spots for IBM and American Express. TEST is his directorial debut, written after the birth of his second child, while he slept on his dad's lap.

Director’s Statement

I've been a musician since I was a child, but always loved to shoot little micro-films on whatever cheap cameras I've had around. This is my first "real" film as a director with a crew. In TEST we were looking to explore existentialist themes, mostly derived from experiences parenting my two boys. The production design was inspired by my father's long career with IBM. He started there in the 60's and often brought me to the office as a child to see the vast repository of technology living there. The 4:3 framing and general stillness seeks to achieve the feel of cold-war surveillance.

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