Tuesday, August 11, 2015

VOICES HEARD 2015: Redemption

Redemption by Jezse Galan
Milwaukee (World Premiere)
Running Time: 22 minutes
Screening Time: Friiday, Sept 11th 8:30pm 

Crime Drama/ Latino/Urban

7 years later Danny, a 25 yr old ex-con, is back at his old stomping grounds. Thanks to his best friend Chavo, he quickly finds that everything isn’t what it used to be. People have changed, some for better and some for worse. However, being back makes Danny struggle to keep from his old ways. But can he stay committed to change before someone makes a decision for him?

Director's Bio:
Jezse Galan has always had a passion for film. As a young boy, watching films like David Finch’s “Dune”or Ridley Scott’s “Alien” and Tim Burton’s “Batman” captivated his imagination and wanted to become a visual storyteller.

"I think film is first and foremost entertainment. But, all forms of entertainment throughout history have always produce works that last and transcend the concept of entertainment." - Christopher Nolan

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