Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nathan Brue on his film, Moon Attic

MIFS: Where did the idea for the film come from?
It seems the idea came from somewhere in Space. I recall the concept of a Moon Attic hitting me quite vividly all at once. With a simple story concept, I figured we could focus on creating the visual and sonic impact of the film. It was also my last few months of school and a lot of philosophical, spiritual, and cosmic ideas were floating around. I wrote the script on a morning train ride from Michigan to Chicago, which had a strong influence on shaping the wider story around the core idea of a Moon Attic.

MIFS: How much did the project change from concept to final edit?
The central concept and most themes were there from the beginning. The script served as an outline. Without dialogue, we had the freedom to let flow and feel influence our choices during filming and editing. While there was brainstorming every week, a lot of decisions were made in the moment which allowed the production to develop naturally. Revision was key throughout. As the group and production grew, we were able to imagine and realize things far beyond the ideas in the initial script.

MIFS:Where there any challenges during production?
When I originally pitched the idea, the first thing someone asked was how we were going to build a Moon with no budget. I had no idea at the time, but I knew it was something we should and could do. A production designer from our class jumped at the chance to figure it out and did an incredible job. We basically assembled the Moon set in the morning, shot in the afternoon, and tore it down in the evening. We had to get creative and resourceful, using basic materials like sand, paint, and concrete blocks to pull off an impeccable Moon. In many ways that day represents the entire production. Everyone took on personal challenges to bring their passion and creativity to fruition using what we had available to us. Everyone reached within to make this film happen and turn it into something unifying and personal.

MIFS: With the film completed, what has been the most rewarding thing about the whole experience?
Every time I am able to share our work, it resonates further not only within myself, but with other people who see it. I think it is a piece we as a crew can all be proud of. We spent these months together in order to bring this idea to life and realize an aspect of our dreams. That is extremely meaningful and powerful to me. Now getting to share that energy with others and to see it resonate with them leaves me humbled.

Moon Attic screens on Nov 10th as part of the 14th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival at 5pm in the Lubar Auditorium, MAM.

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