Monday, October 15, 2012

Janos Menberg talks about his film, Nach Hause (Back Home)


MIFS: Where did the idea for the film come from?
Out of personal interest, I asked myself a couple of questions: How do you perceive the world when having Alzheimer's disease? How do you feel? Which memories do you keep? What do you regret? And, most important, do you still love?

Those questions were crucial to me when developing the film «Nach Hause». I wanted to dive into the mind of an Alzheimer's person. To try to empathize with someone who has a broken memory. And, maybe, in the end, to better understand how we perceive the world.

As a film director, I think that there are things that can only be told with movies. With «Nach Hause», my goal was to make a film that leads the spectator into the inner world of Alzheimer's – a world that is hard to understand and hard to travel to.

MIFS: How much did the project change from concept to final edit?
For me, it was important to do a proper research about the topic and to be as truthfully as possible. I wanted the storyline of «Nach Hause» to be shaped quite accurate. So there wasn't much room for improvisation, so I think there wasn't much change from concept to the final edit.

MIFS:Where there any challenges during production?
Due to the extra time I needed for script development, we had an enormous rough schedule while preparing the production of the film. We had to cast, location scout and gather the crew within only three weeks – a hard time for executive producer Rajko Jazbec. But at shooting day one, everything was in place! This only due to the amazing production staff which helped me to make this film. Thank you guys!

MIFS: With the film completed, what has been the most rewarding thing about the whole experience?,br /> It's great to have the US premiere in this nice place called Milwaukee. Merci for that! Another very rewarding thing was the all the wonderful feedback we've got from the people associated with Alzheimer's.

In the end, I think it's a great pleasure not only to make a film for myself, but also to touch other people with it.

Nach Hause (Back Home) screens on Nov 10th as part of the 14th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival at 5pm in the Lubar Auditorium, MAM.


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