Monday, October 15, 2012

Kara Mulrooney & Susan Kerns talk about their film, Missed Connections


1 MIFS: Where did the idea for the film come from?
The idea for "Missed Connections" came from two seemingly different places: 1, Wanting to shoot in the Gobbler Supper Club, and 2, Wanting to work with posts from missed connections (romantic personal ads online and formerly in your newspaper!) The two seemed pretty disparate until we realized "Wait, it's a musical!" Once we discovered that, the Busby Berkeley inspired dancers became our third major element, and "Missed Connections" the short film was underway.

2 MIFS: How much did the project change from concept to final edit?
The project didn't stray terribly far from the script, but the dances are what moved around the most in editing. Choreographer Kelly Anderson created at least four individual and somewhat site specific dances for in and outside of the Gobbler, and we loved them all but didn't think we could include the four in our final edit out of concern for the film's length. When we test screened "Missed Connections," though, everyone cried for more dancing, so in the finished film you see almost all of Kelly's work.

3 MIFS:Where there any challenges during production? The main challenges were ones that we created for ourselves in conceiving of this rather big film (you could almost call it a musical): having such a large cast of actors and dancers, and an equally large crew ALL working almost an hour away from home provided a lot of logistical concerns and therefore plenty of coordinating work. Also, shooting in a long closed and expansive historic restaurant made for some extra work in prepping and dressing the set, but everyone (everyone) came together, generously contributing their time, talent, and labor in order to make this film. We'd like to note that the absolutely fabulous (and famous!) Gobbler Supper Club is still for sale, and you can take a virtual tour at

4 MIFS: With the film completed, what has been the most rewarding thing about the whole experience?
Producing the film was in itself an incredibly rewarding experience - having the support of SO many artists and technicians was truly amazing, and we're still in awe. Screening the film at festivals has also been a real joy - hearing the laughter and the "Aww's" - and we're thrilled to get to screen at the Milwaukee Short Film Fest (in the Milwaukee Art Museum)!

Missed Connections screens on Nov 10th as part of the 14th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival at 6:45pm in the Lubar Auditorium, MAM.


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