Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Advanced Tickets for 17th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival

Purchase Tickets
To buy advance tickets we set up these Paypal options.

First: Use Firefox rather than Windows Internet Explorer. We find that Windows gets twitchy when using Paypal.

Second: Tickets will be tracked and held at the door. We will not mail tickets. It is will call. 

When going to your preferred show specify at the door the name in which the tickets were purchased under, the show (Fri 6:30pm, Sat 6:00pm , etc), the number of tickets bought and please bring your confirmation email as well.

Third: Be sure that you pick the right block of films. Tickets will be sold singly, pairs, sets of three,  four and five. If you need more than five you will have to go back in and purchase more. We are sorry if you have to do that, but we find people don't usually buy more than 4 or 5 friends. There will be tickets sold at the door as well.

Fourth: There is no credit card purchases on site, cash only sales. Comedy Sportz does have ATM's on the premises.

Finally: Comedy Sportz has plenty of free parking plus food and drinks. Also, we suggest that our film selection is suitable for those 16 and up. Please keep that in mind.

                                 ADVANCED TICKETS WILL STOP AT 11AM ON BOTH DAYS
                                     PLEASE ARRIVE 30 MINS EARLY FOR ALL SHOWS 

Fri. Session 1: (6:30pm)  OPENING NIGHT EVENT!!  Space Cadets, Dream Trip, Hi,Neighbor! Rocket Science, Quack, The Map of Maps,  A Dubious Night, The Survivor, Excising The Heart  and our Pace-setter awarded to Jared Stepp.
Door sales only

Friday. Session 2: (8:30pm) VOICES HEARD! LOCAL MULTI-CULTURAL FILMMAKERS  Death After Life,  Fight Night Legacy,  Something Under the Christmas Tree,  Redemption,  Adolescence,  Spare Change,  D for Dezire,  and Modern Romance V1 

Door sales only 

Sat. Session 3: (2:00 pm)  The Comedian, Elk Mound, Dark Roast, Vultures in the Void,
Escape From Midwich Valley, Jurassic Swamp, Pre (View), Diana

Door sales only

Sat. Session 4: (4:00pm) The Struggle of Libations,  Dinosaur,  Papa dans Maman (Dad in Mom),
Elgin Park,  Charlotte,  Kaylee,  When Does Love Begin? Knock Knock 

Door sales only
Sat Session 5: (6:00pm)  Super Deluxe,  Jesuarus Rex,  Winterlude,  Interplanetary,  Jerk Chicken,
R.P. M. 2 ,  I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!!  The Great Outdoors,  Random Thoughts,  The Birds 

Door sales only
Sat Session 6: Juried Films.  Modern Romance V1,   Little Gary's Mole,  The Trap,  Hero in Limbo,  Test, Dreamers,  Here's Jane,  Wózek (The Cart),  Dark_Net   

Door sales only

 Remember tickets will not be mailed, bring your email notification, and enjoy the show!

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