Monday, October 28, 2013

Meet the people who ran the festival: Stacy Callies

My name is Stacy Callies and I am a free lance Graphic Designer. I love to design for things that involve important moments in our lives. I have created wedding invitations, baby announcements, special wedding photo collaborations, business cards, business logos, website artwork, and I have had the privilege for the last 5 years to design for the Milwaukee Short Film Festival. It has been a pleasure to capture the moment of I do, hello world, entrepreneur independence, and passion of the arts for others. The Milwaukee Short Film Festival is founded by a few passionate people who put in a lot of hard work to help give other film makers a chance to shine in the spotlight and share their slice of reel life. Short film is a form of creative expression and we as people are at our best when we are creating. Cheers to your slice of reel life and may it inspire the world. 

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