Monday, October 28, 2013

Meet the People who ran the festival: Bernie Jbaines

Bernie Jbaines AKA "The Midwest Movie Maven", and @MidwestMMaven is a digital maverick based in Milwaukee, WI. after years in the medico-legal and self funded employer insurance industries a health related shift was made. Two plus years were spent working hands on with the staff and students of Mount Mary (College) University Media Communications Department. Bernie’s media avocation and interest evolved into a social media contributor of film, multicultural, multimedia arts and socio-cultural content.

In 2012, Bernie Jbaines began volunteering for (African American Film Festival Releasing Movement) whose mission is anchored by the passion and prowess of our founding film festivals, empowering diverse independent filmmakers with collaborative, simultaneous theatrical distribution in multiple markets. Bernie is a digital “buzz” facilitator on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

Bernie also practices advocacy for the inclusion of Milwaukee & WI for notional, first run, Midwaest filmmaker and multicultural content release. In this ongoing effort Bernie puts special emphasis with communication to major studios with regards to WI & Midwest productions. She also seeks and disseminates information to maintain a sustainable industry of Independent and artful filmmakers for Southeast WI. She is also an advocate for the empowering of women and multicultural inclusion in all levals of filmmaking.

Bernie is part of the Women In Film Los Angeles-Social Media Squad, and recently submitted a written proposal and is awaiting determination for an unprecedented Social Media Membership level access with Women In Film-National. Bernie also serves as Social Media Group Moderator for Midwest Multicultural Media Madness. Since 2012 Bernie has been a Meetup Organizer for the Midwest Multicultural & The Milwaukee Movie Fans Meetup Groups.  She nurtures, encourages and shares Industry information for the uplift and betterment of WI and National Independent Film organizations and taking each day as an opportunity to live and to learn. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate for 2013 in support of Milwaukee Independent Film Society and this #MKESFF2013!

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