Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015 Films: Here's Jane

Here's Jane by JoLane Lentz & Bobby Hewitt
Los Angeles (MKE Premiere)
Running Time: 13 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Sept 12th 8pm JURIED


Here's Jane, a free spirit in her mid thirties, working in the mall as a salesgirl at Forever 21. Tightly gripping onto her youth while lying to her 22 year old boyfriend about her age. She shares a one room dumpy apartment in a shady neighborhood of East Los Angeles with her uptight and controlling best friend Heather. Who's also in her mid thirties, working at Hooters while in in her 9th year of Community College.

Once again they're about to be evicted when Jane comes up with scheming plan on how to become instant millionaires. Just when they think their problems are over, a fiasco ensues involving two crooked cops, an enterprising drug dealer and their creepy landlord, 'Hitler'. As usual leaving Heather tangled in a huge misunderstanding on the wrong end of another one of Jane's crazy hair brain ideas. 
A hilarious cast of colorful characters taking you on an over
the top comedic thrill ride.






Director Statement:

Film-making is my passion and I enjoyed the entire process of creating Here’s Jane. From conception of the idea, to writing the script and casting the roles, to the actual process of filming. I grew up watching “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson in my Grandparents living room and knew from a very young age that I wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry making people laugh. I began my career as an Actress playing a number of different roles, but always held a divine interest for comedy. I quickly realized that comedic roles for women were not easy to come by, so I decided to write something for myself and In 2014 I created Here’s Jane. I always knew that I would end up Directing one day, because of my creative eye and my experience as a Producer, so when I finished writing Here’s Jane, I knew that I was the best person to Direct it. Being my first Directorial project, as well as playing the lead character, I knew I would need another set of eyes while I was on the opposite side of the camera. I asked my good friend, Bobby Hewitt, to help Co-Direct. Bobby and I have been friends for many years and have worked on a few projects together, making me confident that he would be the perfect fit to help carry out my creative vision. With his years of experience as a Director of Photography, Here’s Jane turned out better than I had envisioned.

Director Bio:

JoLane Lentz is an American Actress, Host and Producer. She is the creator, writer, producer, director and lead actress of the original short comedic film Here's Jane.

Lentz began her career as an actress in film, working in a number of films from independent to big budget studio productions. She's had the pleasure of working alongside such notable academy award winning actors as; Halle Berry, Robert Downey and TIm Roth. In television, she's guest starred on several episodic TV series including "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and a recurring role on a daytime drama. She's also been in a number of web series productions including being a series regular on the hit FUNNY OR DIE series, "Hopeless Virgins In Love" and Guest starring on "Here And Now" with Judd Nelson. JoLane is also a seasoned Host and Producer has worked in both radio and the internet. She was the daily Co-Host of Playboy Radio's "The Morning Show" hosting over 200 funny news segments as well as Producing and Co-Hosting Sharp Radio's "The Ben Pratt Show, both on Sirius Satellite Radio. In addition she's also Hosted/Prodcued numerous lifestyle and entertainment web series including, "Green Health Live", 'The Dog Show", "Pub & Grub" and "For The Health Of it".

Here's Jane is Lentz's directorial debut and is working on developing it into a multi-episodic series.

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