Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Films: Somewhere In Between

Somewhere In Between by Kelly Bronikowski
Running Time: 13 minutes
Screening Time: Friday Nov 9th. 5:15pm
Tickets $10.00

In 2010 after five years of making autobiographical films abut my family I decided to make a piece for the first time that focused on my dad. I was interested in his quirks and the ways in which we were so similar in our extreme shyness. About a year into the project a tumor was discovered on my dad's brain, very sudden and unexpected. I stopped working for three months and then once day after an appointment with one of his doctors I finally accepted that my dad wasn't going to get better and that this would eventually take his life. I began filming again, what would be the last moving images of my dad.

Ticket options

WNDX : Winnipeg's Festival of Film & Video Art
Winnipeg, Canada
September 2012 (Film Festival)

UW-Milwaukee Student Film & Video Festival
1st Place
Milwaukee, U S A
May 2012 (Film Festival)
North America PREMIERE

Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner
Cannes, France
May 2012 (Film Festival)
Western Europe PREMIERE

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