Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 Films: Searcy County

Searcy County by Noam Osband
Arkansas (World Premiere)

Running Time: 6 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Nov 10th 5pm.
Tickets $10.00

This short film depicts the little-known and unusual world of the Searcy County Livestock Auction in Marshall, Arkansas. >>

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Director Statement:
I'm a Yankee Jew, Boston-bred. But, somewhere along the way, Arkansas became my second home. I'm working on a PhD in visual anthropology, a roundabout way of becoming a documentary filmmaker. I've lived and done research in Searcy County, Arkansas for years now, and somehow this little Arkansas county feels very familiar to me. I have passed this livestock auction house many times - it's located off the road next to the county's one traffic light - and I always wanted to film. One day, I finally got the gumption to bring my camera and.........well, I just hope I created a piece that is respectful and honest, a view into a little-known world through the eyes of an outsider.

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